A delegation from the British government has called on the management of the Cyber Security Authority (CSA) to discuss possible areas of collaboration in cybersecurity.

The leader of the UK delegation and Africa Cyber Programme Manager, Mr. Tim Galvin, outlined key focus areas of the UK, including enhancing national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), bolstering cybersecurity capacities, and strengthening capabilities to combat cybercrime.

Mr. Galvin indicated their commitment to align on areas of common interest to both parties and looked forward to deepened engagements in the coming months.

The Director-General of the CSA, Dr. Albert Antwi-Boasiako, conveyed enthusiasm about the potential collaboration, affirming the CSA’s commitment to achieving tangible outcomes through the partnership.

He underscored the CSA’s ongoing efforts to engage in bilateral and multilateral discussions with international institutions noting that the proposed collaboration from the UK delegation aligns with CSA’s mission to enhance cross-border cybersecurity measures and ensure a secure digital environment.

The meeting marks a significant step towards fostering stronger ties between Ghana and the UK in cybersecurity, reflecting mutual dedication to safeguarding digital infrastructure and combatting cyber threats on both national and international levels.