Who We Are?

About Us

The Cyber Security Authority (CSA) has been established by the Cybersecurity Act, 2020 (Act 1038) to regulate cybersecurity activities in the country; to promote the development of cybersecurity in the country and to provide for related matters.

The CSA officially started operations on 1st October 2021; starting as the National Cyber Security Secretariat (NCSS) with the appointment of the National Cybersecurity Advisor in 2017 and later transitioned into the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in 2018 as an agency under the then Ministry of Communications.

Our Mandate

As a government agency under the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, the CSA has the responsibility to;

  • Regulate cybersecurity activities in the country;
  • Prevent, manage and respond to cybersecurity threats and cybersecurity incidents;
  • Regulate owners of Critical Information Infrastructure in respect of cybersecurity activities, cybersecurity service providers and practitioners in the country;
  • Promote the development of cybersecurity in the country to ensure a secured and resilient digital ecosystem;
  • Establish a platform for cross-sector engagements, on matters of cybersecurity for effective co-ordination and cooperation between key public institutions and the private sector;
  • Create awareness of cybersecurity matters; and
  • Collaborate with international agencies to promote the cybersecurity of the country.


To Build a Resilient Digital Ecosystem, Secure Digital Infrastructure, Develop National Capacity, Deter Cybercrime, and Strengthen Cybersecurity Cooperation.


A Secure and Resilient Digital Ghana

Core Values


We value the classification of national and personal information since it underpins our course to build a resilient cyber ecosystem.


We inspire confidence among Ghanaians with our dependability by encouraging reporting of cyber incidents.


We value diverse views and perspectives exhibited by our multi-stakeholder engagements in decision making to build a robust cyber ecosystem.


We are committed to ensuring that the cyber ecosystem of Ghana is protected for a Safer Digital Ghana.


We execute our mandate with professional competence. We take pride in the mission bestowed upon us to operate in a culture of trust and integrity with one another and the citizenry.


We approach our duties with seriousness and operate with high moral values in a well cordial working environment. Honesty is a value we hold in high esteem.