GITEX Africa, the continent’s technology and startup exhibition forum has lauded Ghana for taking strategic steps to bolster its cyber resilience in the face of increasing cyber threats facing the African continent.

As countries such as Ghana embraces digital transformation, with more people relying on online platforms and digital infrastructure, the risks associated with cybercrime and data breaches are also escalating. Ghana, recognising the critical role cybersecurity plays in protecting sensitive data, maintaining trust, and ensuring the resilience of digital infrastructure, is taking strategic steps to bolster its cyber resilience.

In 2015, the Ghanaian government launched its National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy, reflecting a mature approach to cybersecurity. In 2020, Ghana enacted the Cybersecurity Act, which encompasses the protection of critical information infrastructure, prosecution of cybercrimes, and safeguarding children online. This act led to the establishment of the Cyber Security Authority (CSA), tasked with regulating and promoting cybersecurity across the country.

Over the past few years, the CSA has implemented cybersecurity measures to improve the cybersecurity posture of Ghana and secure the nation’s digital assets.

These include capacity building, public awareness, ongoing research, and international collaboration by developing a skilled workforce of cybersecurity professionals, educating the public about online safety, and fostering research and innovation in universities and institutions. Additionally, Ghana’s collaborations with other countries and private sector entities have contributed to its growing cyber resilience.

This focus has helped Ghana achieve a strong position in the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index, ranking third among African nations and forty-third globally for its commitment to cybersecurity.

As Ghana continues to enhance its cybersecurity landscape, it becomes an attractive destination for partners and investors seeking a secure and reliable digital environment. This development positions Ghana as a leading hub for technological advancement in Africa.

The 2024 edition of the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) will be held from May 29-31 in Marrakech, Morocco. The event will bring together leaders and stakeholders in Africa’s tech ecosystem to discuss the pivotal role of cybersecurity in shaping the digital future.

The forum will be a platform to discuss key topics such as high data costs and their impact on security vulnerability, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in Africa, and the consequences of inadequate security measures. Dr Albert Antwi-Boasiako, the Director General of Ghana’s Cyber Security Authority, is expected to be in attendance to provide insights into Ghana’s approach to these challenges.